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Artist Studios at Fearrington Village
is an informal group of visual artists who live and work in Fearrington Village, a lovely country community near Chapel Hill, NC, with many creative and productive residents. Our mission is to:

  • Attract visitors to our studios to experience the creative process - see our Directory of Artists;

  • Facilitate opportunities to exhibit and sell our artwork;

  • Enhance the lives of all in our community through the arts;

  • Promote Fearrington Village as an art-friendly community;

  • Support one another in our professional lives.

We welcome all Fearrington residents interested in creating art and fine crafts to join us, by emailing the Membership Coordinator.

ASFV artists are invited to visit the studio of Ginger Anderson on  Wednesday, October 29, 5:00PM, 926 Woodham. Please let Ginger know if you plan to attend: retiredstx@gmail.com.

ASFV Featured Artist:
Forrest C. Greenslade, PhD

"I was that kid you could always find turning over rocks in streams, looking for what wonders nature would disclose to me," says Greenslade. His curiosity about the natural world, led him to a life as scientist and organizational executive. Now in retirement, Dr. Greenslade is again doing what he did when he was ten years old -- turning over rocks and sculpting and painting the wonders that nature discloses.

"I lived a serious life, but now in my dotage, I am just letting the kid out again, " Greenslade smiles.

"It's more fun than an old guy deserves."

Learn more about some of Fearrington Artists in the Chatham County Line article by our own Forrest Greenslade: "Fearrington's Vibrant Art Scene: Behind Every Studio Door, There is a Unique Life Story"

Visit our Blog and Facebook page for up-to-date news.

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For general information,
please email the Communications Coordinator

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 Thanks to all who participated in and all who visited our October 19 "Art in the Park" Show and Sale.

Download a full-sized poster HERE


Ginger Anderson - Painting

Sandy Beach - Fused Glass

Vidabeth Bensen - Screened Prints
Joy Bond - Painting

Evelyn Brown - Pottery

Don Corley - Folk Art
Beverly Crow - Painting, Mixed Media

Carolyn Davenport - Mixed media

Adele Ditrick - Painting
Ed Ferlauto - Painting

Murry Handler - Painting

Karen Havighurst - Mixed media

Mary Heisserman - Painting

Horty Jacobs - Photography & jewelry

Nancy Jacobs - Painting
Bob Jones - Wood Carving
Marlene Jones - Photography
Florence Johnson - Watercolor

Roni Liberman - Woodworking

John Makowski - Found object art

Carol Owen - Mixed media

Jane Palkoski - Fiber art & jewelry

Leslie Palmer - Painting & Mixed Media

Stan Pomeranz - Pottery

Eric Saunders - Photography

Ruta Schuller - Painting

Steve Shafer - Photography & Mixed media

Pat Stewart - Baskets

Paulette Terwilliger - Jewelry

Mary Thormann - Painting

El Tremblay - Painting

Jane Woodard - Mixed media

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